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Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris : Internet Influence on Teens (Pengaruh internet terhadap remaja)

Written By Ardhanul Sabda on Saturday, September 29, 2012 | 8:36 AM

         Assalamualaikum wr wb, ladies and gentlement whom I respect, first of all, let us praise and thank to the Almighty God who has given grace and blessings to us, so that we can gather in this place, I say many thanks for the opportunity given to me to deliver a speech entitled "The Effect of Internet for Teens".

         Before I begin I would like to limit speech problems which I will present in my speech today, which include; influence of the Internet on youth in terms of positive and negative in terms.
Internet, a familiar word  in the ears of every person, especially the teenagers who always hang out with the luxury world-tech, luxurious, and practical, the Internet can be found wherever we are, to capitalize mobile phone that has an internet connection, the internet can be accessed with ease through HP's where we are, or if not, in every corner of the city there is definitely a selling point of the internet service or commonly called  "Warnet", World information Unlimited, so people call it, I myself am not so sure but what is virtually be the case, with the Internet, or access roads to the delivery of information-information that exist in this world can be taken with ease while turning the hand or blink.

          A lot of science is so abundant there, any information we can find in the internet universe is, what to do with the students? Of course, very closely related to the students because the students are not spared by the name of information and knowledge, this internet is the most effective and easy to find and accessible by anyone anywhere, although there is no doubt that because of this freedom may also occur abuse use of internet facilities as a means of crime or misconduct, students that are new to the internet usually use this facility to search the weird thing? Such images are not indecent, or weird videos that are "immoral" other that could affect the soul and the personality of the students themselves, so that students are influenced and interfered with their concentration towards the learning process in schools.

          However, not all students did so, only a handful of students who are able to do so nosy as lacking a sense of responsibility towards self and surroundings, but in general the Internet is used by each student to seek or obtain information related to the subject matter which he received in school, it allows students to be more creative and more active in seeking information and knowledge resources as compared to students who just sit in front of a table and listen to the teacher talk.

          It can be a motivator for students to continue and to grow, and can also serve as a destroyer (the younger generation), teens are creatures that are vulnerable to changes around him, he will follow the most dominant that are close so the possibility of a drastic change in the period-adolescence would lead to where the teenager will run, positive or negative direction depending on where in the start.

         Teens who daily along with internet will be more responsive to change in the surrounding information because it is familiar and more aware of this information and more often than others. But other than that, teenagers who have a tendency in the negative on the contrary, he will appear as only passive enslaved by the ease and wealth of information from the internet.

          So it would be nice if we can wisely use this facility as well as possible in a positive way for the betterment of ourselves and our personal, and as teenagers we all should be able to master the technology was running hard in this era, because then we'll come running to meet the future.
          I say thank you for your attention, wassalamualaikum wr wb

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