Note Ø   The red-colored   & underlined item is the kind of question identifying “Error word” Ø   Then, the missing ...




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Ø  The red-colored  & underlined item is the kind of question identifying “Error word”
Ø  Then, the missing word in a sentence is the kind of question choosing the correct answer.

1.      Justice Sandra Day O’s connor was ____ to serve on the U.S Supreme Court.
a.      The woman who first
b.      The first woman
c.       Who the first woman
d.      The first and a woman

2.       If biennials were planted were planted this year, they  will be  likely  to bloom  next year.
a.      Will be
b.      Likely
c.       To bloom
d.      Next year

3.      General Grant had General Lee ____ him at Appomattox to sign the official surrender of the Confederate forces.
a.      To meet
b.      Met
c.       Meet
d.      Meeting

4.      The differential attractions of the sun and the moon  have a direct effect in the rising and falling of the tides.
a.      Have
b.      In
c.       Rising
d.      Of

5.      With special enzymes that are  call restriction enzymes, it is possible to split off segments of DNA from the donor organism.
a.      Call
b.      To split off
c.       From
d.      Donor

6.      ____ small specimen of the embryonic fluid is removed from a fetus, it will be possible to determine wheter the baby will be born with birth defects.
a.      A
b.      That a
c.       If a
d.      When it is a

7.      If it receives enough rain at the proper time, hay will grow quickly, as grass.
a.      If
b.      Enough
c.       Will grow
d.      As

8.      Before she died, Andrew Jackson’s daughter,  who  lives in the family mansion, used to take tourists through her home.
a.      Before
b.      Who
c.       Lives
d.      Used to take

9.      ____ Java Man, who lived before the first Ice Age, is the first manlike animal.
a.      It is generally believed that
b.      Generally believed it is
c.       Believed generally is
d.      That is generally believed

10.  John Philip Sousa, who many people consider the greatest composer of marches, wrote his music during the era known as the Gay 90s.
a.      Who
b.      Many
c.       Greatest
d.      Known as

The answer & Explanation

1.      (B) A cardinal number is used after a noun. The is used with an ordinal number before a noun. Choice (A) is incomplete because there is no verb after who. Choices (C) and (D) are redundant.
2.      (A) A past form in the condition requires either would or could and a verb word in the result. Because the past form planted is used in the condition, will should be would in the result.
3.      (C) A form of have with someone such as General Lee and a verb word expresses a causative. Choice (A) is an infinitive, not a verb word. Choice (B) is a participle. Choice (D) is an –ing form.
4.      (B) Effect on is a prepositional idiom. In should be on.
5.      (A) The word order for a passive sentence is a form of BE followed by a participle. Call should be called.
6.      (C) For scientific result, a present form in the condition requires a present or future form in the result. Choices (A), (B), and (D) are not conditional statements.
7.      (D) Because it is a prepositional phrase, as grass should be like grass. As functions as a conjunction. Like functions as a preposition.
8.      (C) Activities of the dead logically establish a point of view in the past. Lives should be lived in order to maintain the point of view.
9.      (A) The anticipatory clause it is generally believed that introduces a subject and verb, Java Man…is. In Choices (B) and (C) the verb is is repeated. Choice (D) may be used as a subject clause preceding a main verb, not preceding a subject and verb. “That it is generally believed that Java Man, who lived before the first Ice Age, is the first manlike animal is the result of entries in textbooks” would also be correct.
10.  (A) Who should be whom because it is the complement of the clause many people consider. Who functions as a subject. Whom functions as a complement.


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